Top 5 Best Games for 2GB RAM PC in 2021 Without Graphics Card.

Top games to play in 2021 on a 2GB RAM PC are listed and describe below. Top 5 Best Games for 2GB Ram PC in 2021. These are game which can be easily played on 2GB OR 1GB RAM PC. The top 5 games which will offer you amazing performance in such low hardware in 2021 are discussed below briefly and please note that all are absolutely free to play.

There are the majority of people who want to play some quality games in their low configures 2GB ram and that too without the graphics card. Around 50% of gamers in any gaming community lack good hardware to play games but they always try to push the limits and search for high-quality games to play. Although on 2GB ram several games are available we have chosen the top 5 games that rock your gaming experiences. 

Top 5 Best Games for 2GB RAM PC in 2021 Without Graphics Card.

Gaming has become a prevalent and essential need of people in today's world and everyone wants to play a game. We have collected the top 5 games which do not require any GPU (Graphics Card) and they provide a seamless experience to you.

If you think to buy a gaming pc then you must follow some important tips so that you would be able to save your money and get good hardware as well. You can also see our gaming PC build from below.

Note: All the games listed below are explained below with full description including the minimum and maximum requirements. All games work fine on 2GB Ram and provide you 30 FPS easily to enjoy. All are free to download.

Top 5 Best Games for 2GB Ram PC in 2021 Without Graphics Card.

  1. PUBG PC Lite (survival game)

  2. GTA VICE/SA/ III (open world games)

  3. EA Cricket 07/Ashes 09 (cricket games)

  4. NFS Most Wanted (racing game)

  5. FIFA 14 /PES 13 (football games)

1. PUBG PC Lite: (Best Survival Games for 2GB ram PC)

PUBG PC lite is one of the best games for low specs PC gamers. It can also be played on laptops. PUBG PC Lite installation takes a little bit of time because at first, you must have to do the registration, and then only you will able to download the PUBG PC lite.

    Minimum requirements:

  • RAM: 2GB or 4GB (for better gameplay)

  • Processor: Intel Core i3 2.4GHz

  • OS: Windows 7/8/10 (only 64 bit)

  • Storage: 4 GB.

This is not PUBG mobile, you won't have to play with any android emulator because it will give an inferior experience that's why we recommend you install the Pubg PC lite. It is a separate official PC version and is launched for such low configured gaming PCs.

2. GTA VICE/ SA/ III (Best Open World Games for 2GB ram PC)

GTA games (open world games) like GTA Vice City, San Andreas, and GTA III liberty city can be easily played on 2GB Ram pc. No need for an introduction to such games. These all GTA games (only listed) above can run easily within 2GB of Ram without any Graphics Card.

    Minimum Requirments:

  • RAM: 1-2GB.

  • Processor: Pentium III or Athlon equivalent

  • OS: Win 7/8/10.

  • Storage: 1.5 to 3 GB

Some tricks will enhance your gaming experience more and more. You should search for some game modifiers and graphics tweaks and install them correctly. In graphics setting do the max resolution and in graphic density setting do the lowest and make sure antialiasing off. After doing such updates, you will never feel any lag, and you can play all the listed games smoothly.

3. EA Cricket 07/ Ashes 09 (Best Cricket Games for 2GB ram PC in 2021)

EA Cricket 07 and Ashes 09 both the cricket games are legendary cricket games for PC. No matter that they require low configuration hardware but there is no doubt that they give a world-class performance to the gamers. Both games require No dedicated GPU at all and they work very well in 2GB of Ram.

    Minimum Requirments:

  • RAM: 2GB (sufficient)

  • Processor: Intel Core i3 2.4GHz or dual-core.

  • OS: Windows 7/8/10 (only 64 bit)

  • Storage: 2GB.

The best part of this cricket segment is to provide a piece of secret information that you will not get anywhere on the globe and this is our personal experience that if you want to play Ashes Cricket 09 on 2GB Ram PC then people think it is difficult. But no, we say no and if you comment then we can also give you proof.

We can run the Ashes 09 on a 2GB RAM PC without a dedicated GPU. The trick is to go to the setting and change the resolution to your max and then go-to the graphics setting and decrease the quality option to low. We assure you that you will never face lag issues.

4. NFS Most Wanted (Best Racing Game for 2GB ram PC)

It is the very perfect game for 2GB Ram computers because it has versatility and gives some quality racing effects to us. It has some cool features like adding the portable controllers, vibrations, music, and the classic mods of the NFW Gaming world.

    Minimum Requirement:

  • RAM: 2GB (sufficient)

  • Processor: Intel Core i3 2.4GHz or dual-core.

  • OS: Windows 7/8/10 (only 64 bit)

  • Storage: 2-4 GB.

The major feature of this game is it covers many varieties of cars, good sound effect, and more importantly, it works very smoothly. It never lags which is the secret of EA SPORTS Games. They never lag. The installation is very simple though this game is not free to play(officially) on the web many cracks are available and people enjoy them.

5. FIFA 14 / PES 13(Best Football Games for 2GB ram PC in 2021)

No, doubt that FIFA and PES are the best and dominant football games in the game collections. Both E-sports games are quite famous for their gaming content and quality graphics. That's why people think that such a high graphics game won't be on our low (2GB Ram PC), which is totally wrong.

    Minimum Requirement:

  • RAM: 2GB or 4 GB (sufficient)

  • Processor: Intel Core i3 2.4GHz or dual-core.

  • OS: Windows 7/8/10 (only 64 bit)

  • Storage: 2-4 GB.

  • GPU: 256 MB or No GPU.

As we have stated that these heavy games will definitely y work on your low config PC if you do some tweaks in the graphics setting such as decreasing the resolution or the graphics settings. Both are super fantastic games and they work well with 2GB of Ram.

We conclude,

Thus, all the games are described above and if you face any problem regarding those then do comment to our comment box we will love to reply to you all.


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