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Mumbai Gullies
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What is Mumbai Gullies and how developed it?

Mumbai Gullies (2021) is ready to rock. It's a fully Open World AAA title game by Gameeon. Dream of playing a GTA like a game that to an Indian with the Hindi language is now possible by Mumbai Gullies.

The CEO of Mumbai Gullies: Nikhil Malankar as informed about the game and release date. He announced it and also shared the experience of development on his youtube channel. Mumbai Gullies will very much similar to GTA Games like GTA vice city or san Andreas.

The trailer of Mumbai Gullie GTA similar Game.

Since there was a huge impact of GTA games in the market regarding the Open World game category. Every PC gamer is aware of GTA games and why not. However, the Mumbai Gullies is very successful in creating a good hype. A short trailer released, look quite amazing with a lot to admire in it.

Release date of Mumbai Gullies Game?

So, called the INDIAN GTA GAME that is Mumbai Gullies will be released in 2022. Currently, it is in the developing stage. It will available on different platforms to download. The trailer of Mumbai Gullies has been rolled out, we are expecting the release soon.

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Mumbai Gullies Release Date

Is Mumbai gullies for android?

No, not at all. Mumbai Gullies is not developed for android phones. It can only be played on the computer. It will be PC and maybe gaming console-based. The official confirmation comes you can't play it on your android mobile phone.

Mumbai gullies apk download.

No need to search it again, it's almost impossible now. Maybe it will be available on your android phone after some time of launch. The owner has confirmed that they are not working for the android platform. So, no need to dream about Mumbai Gullies Apk download. Don't be in the trap and waste your time.

Mumbai gullies free game download for PC or Computer.

Download Mumbai gullies game for computer and laptop. People are going crazy about this exciting open-world game. This game is developing for PC, Computers, and Laptops. So after the development, you can download it easily. Make sure you turn our notifications.

Price of Mumbai Gullies

Mumbai Gullies game is not free of cost. You have to buy it and it is available at different prices.

There are three types of prices to Mumbai Gullies.

  1. Digital Download: INR (1999/-)
  2. Premium Digital Download: INR (3,499/-)
  3. Boxed Edition: INR (7,999/-)
You can contribute to the making of Mumbai gullies, good luck.

System requirements of Mumbai Gullies game.

Since it is a PC game so it needs a good hardware configured pc. If you have a dedicated GPU then it will best. It's a full-size open-world game so it also needs a good storage and at least 6 to 8GB of RAM. All the requirements of Mumbai gullies for computer and laptop are discussed below.

CPU (Processor) Intel i3 or AMD Athlon (and Higher)
Platforms Computer, Laptops and Consoles
RAM 4GB to 8GB
Operating System Windows 7 and Higher.
Graphics Card 2GB Dedicated GPU needed.

For information and to buy the Mumbai Gullies Game plz refer to the official site of Mumbai Gullies.


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