World Cricket Championship 3: New features of Wcc 3

There are several features in the smart mobile cricket game of 2020. We are here with the full detailed reviews of the wcc 3 cricket game. All the new features of wcc 3 are discussed below. All features are amazing and they should be valuable for the players. So, go through them carefully.

wcc 3 women's cricket

Womens Cricket in Wcc3

Women’s cricket for the first time in Mobile Cricket game history. It is the most amazing feature of the WCC 3 game. WCC 3 has created history for in cricket gaming era. So, its innovation and creativity are really cool and exceptional. World Cricket Championship is the first game to launch women’s cricket in mobile phones.

HDR Quality Graphics in WCC 3

HDR Quality Graphics in WCC 3

It is obvious, I mean you can also experience it. WCC 3 graphics quality is just amazing and heart touching. Nextwave always does something new and this time on WCC 3 launch it has brought a whole new concept of Graphical touch.

WCC 3 will offer you new graphics representationsmenus, and dashboard like EA Sports games. The stadium will be HD and 3D with Depth of field.

Motion blur is also added in it. Taking care of the grass, the Grasses are of a 3D type and 2d type both. A new type of bloom and ambiance is added to it. This best mobile cricket game will also offer you reflection and true HD shadows.

Kits of WCC 3

Latest HD Jersey and Kits of WCC 3

All the types of wearable materials like Jersey, Helmet, Cap, Hat, etc is enhanced. Kits are also well maintained. Cricket ball is special and the shine and roughness in it are present. All the bats and stickers are also well designed.

Weather And Atmosphere change feature in WCC 3

It may be the best feature of this game. Giving a realistic touch and atmosphere is really touching challenge for the developers. Beating the challenges what is a specialty of WCC 3.

So, you will get Morning, Afternoon, Evening, and a beautiful night atmosphere. In Bilateral series and tournaments, you can see some winds, rains, clouds, etc. So, it going to be very interesting and amazing to play it.

Batting Control and Animation in WCC 3

Batting Control and Animation in WCC 3

New, all the shots are new. In WCC 3 you play around 180+ different types of shorts at 360°. Maybe you can also use portal controllers in the future. Animation and celebrations are also interesting.

Bowling in WCC 3

Bowling control and Bowling style in WCC 3

Bowling has been the most interesting part of WCC games. Now in wcc 3, you can have a new bowling experience and you will enjoy the bowling. There are several new camera angles are added. Controls are also fluent.

Full fledged English and Hindi Commentary

Now WCC 3 has also included the popular commentary of Aakash Chopra and Matthew Hayden. So, no more machine voice, you will get real commentary at the point. It is the best feature of it.

Music and commentary in WCC 3 is the most valuable feature. To feel it in deep you can also switch to headphones. The voice quality of English and Hindi Commentary is very clear and technically sounds. It means the right lines are used in the right situation.

Celebrations & Face expression in WCC 3

Celebrations & Face expression in WCC 3

Yes, facial expressions and emotions are added to players. You can see Sledging and sometimes fights in WCC 3 between the players. Umpires are also well precise. So, you can see some fights, tension, happiness, mad of course thriller. If a bowler takes a wicket or a batsman hits century or god field results to celebration animation

Special types of celebration are added. Batsmen, bowlers, and fielders can enjoy and show their personal celebrations in a similar fashion. Therefore it is also an amazing feature of WCC 3.

Latest & updated Roosters

Teams and players are well maintained. Injury feature is also added and every player will have an energy system. The playing 11 teams are also good. You can customize them easily. Thus, you will also get updated teams and lists in every tournament.

Camera in wcc 3

Camera angles and Gameplay of Wcc 3

There are almost 32 cameras in WCC 3 game. So, you use also those camera and play in a suitable angle. The replay cameras are special and the boost the FPS.

Highlights can also be saved with commentary. Therefore you can shred your highlights with your friends. Gameplay looks enhance and the present of crowd, noise, and then sudden silence is making the gameplay more realistic.


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