Top 5 Best and Popular Cricket Games for PC in 2021

We have collected some cricket games for pc in 2021. Download cricket games for free in 2021. The Top 5 best cricket games for pc in 2021 games are free to download and play. We have collected the best game we could and we have also described them below. In this modern gaming era, everyone wants to be quite professional about their game and especially PC gamers. Top 5 best cricket games for pc in 2021.

We did compare many Cricket game titles and we have concluded in our top 5 best free cricket games top download in 2021. Games that are listed in our top 5 cricket games of 2021 are available on the internet to download.

cricket games for pc in 2021
Top 5 Best and Popular cricket games of 2021.

  1. Cricket 19.
  2. Ashes Cricket 17.
  3. Don Bradman Cricket 14/17.
  4. Big Bash Boom.
  5. EA Cricket 07.

1. Cricket 19: Official Game (Best cricket game)

Popular cricket games of 2021

It is the Official Game of the Ashes. Developed by Big Ant Studios in collaboration with Maximum Games as well. It is a very popular cricket game for PC as well as other platforms. Its graphics are truly sensational and outstanding. If you have played this game before then you can imagine the graphics. In some aspects, it looks better than the real cricket match. That's officially why it is fully licensed. It has exact Kits, Faces, Stadiums, Commentary, and real women team as well.

So, if you are in search of any realistic game which offers you real graphics with several mods like the online match, multiplayer, tournaments, etc. It has some new features like background music, match highlights, pro camera in both batting and bowling. It also has some of the cool features like Nets practice, Men and Women tours, competition, and the most famous Carrier mode. This game is free to play and enjoy.  

2. Ashes Cricket 17

Ashes Cricket 17

A popular game is also developed by the big ant studio and this game was launched in 2018. It is the Official game by the Ashes and it was also fully licensed. You can get some of the cool features in it. Every year the Cricket Association of Australia and England provide this stunning game. This game is available on a wide variety of platforms like Microsoft Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Steam PC, and Xbox One.

If we talk deeper about this game then we can see that it has carrier mode, tour, completion, the community tab, multiplay, real-time online matches, and many more tournaments. All the players are real and their kit, faces, hairstyle, etc are just the same and realistic. (Only Australia and England) You can also customize 80% of things in this very interesting game. If you have low hardware and you have a GPU then you can download this game.

3. Don Bradman Cricket 14/17 (DBC)

Don Bradman Cricket 14/17 (DBC)

DBC 14/17: Most Popular gaming titles and these two games were also developed by Big Ant Studios. Both the games require at least 4GB of Ram.  If you have 2GB of Ram then don't waste your time and never try to download it. It also has some of the cool features like Carrier Mode, Online real-time multiplay, Tors, and several tournaments. All the kits are realistic with some interesting graphics.

Till the time we have discussed all three games from the top but we can challenge you that you cannot compare their graphics. All have unique and impressive graphics. You can also play this game via keyboards on your PC and if you use the controller then it would be better. Amazing game with realistic graphics. Download any of both you will enjoy. The game will go more interesting as you will play it.

4. Big Bash Boom

Big Bash Boom

Yet another fantastic game from the Big Ant Cricket studios. But this game is unique. It is a Big Bash League is Official game. It is licensed by the BBL and it has the real Kits, faces, commentary, and of course the stadium and squad. This game is not only unique because it has a new environment of Big Bash it doesn't have International cricket but it is unique because the creator has added the flavor of the t20 cricket on it.

The media used in this game are truly sensational and realistic. In this special game, the creators have also tried to put the action, drama, thriller, suspense, and some physical activities of plays which will really entertain you. There are more shots included with new powerful player ability. This game is just entertainment of 20 overs Big Bash league. If you watch Big bash or just play this game, you will not able able to differentiate.

5. EA CRICKET 07 (Best for low-specs)

EA CRICKET 07 (Best for low-specs)

It was a game and now it is alive because of the modding community. People love to play and every cricket gamer has emotions attached to this game. A lite hardware game that produces enormous graphics and entertainment media. EA  developed this game early in 2007 millions of people love it still. It has very much flexibility and modern take this advantage.

The gaming modders have given a new life to this game. It has a realistic face, Kits, Teams, Ground,, and much more to explore but we can't do in this short review. If you have a 512 MB Ram PC and you want to play some quality cricket on it then you must download this game. It is very easy to install though the mod is not. The latest Mod launched is Cricket 2021 mod.

Conclusion: Best Cricket game for PC in 2021 is CRICKET 19.

5 games described and reviewed above are absolutely free to download and install. The Cricket 19 and Ashes Cricket requires a dedicated GPU to run. You have at least 4GB of Ram then you can download and play the DBC 14/17 games.

If you use a low-specs PC then you must go with the EA Cricket 07. These games are proper, complete, and fit enough to play on PC. Download them and install them. If you face any problem then comment us below.


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